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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Is A New Year

Yet another year ends, and another one begins. Each one seems so long while within its confines, in the daily grind and passage of life; arduous, but hopefully happy and full of joy. But once it ends, we can truly see how fast it passed before our eyes. It is tantalizing the sheer multitude of moments experienced over the year, skipping like a stone across the waters of time, briefly touching down and then moving on again. Some of the moments are as light as air, and with a brief flutter of wings they are gone, just as swiftly as they came. While others are heavy, have more seriousness and gravity, and stay with us longer.

But even more amazing is the change, and the growth. Through the struggles and the ups and downs, through the long days of hard work, the sleepless nights, the pain, the joy, the loss, we are shaped and molded by all of our experiences through the year. Every interaction touches us, leaves a mark upon the story of our lives that stays with us. Life writes itself upon us, and everywhere we go we carry those words with us.

I like to look at the imprint that Lindsay made upon on my life. Our physical time together was brief, but it was rich with passion, it burned with the fire and awe of a thousand flaming suns. How very much alive in each moment we were, full of bliss and joy over the simplest things. A lizard, a rain storm, a flower, a leaf falling from a tree, a friend giggling, time with family, a lover. Lindsay’s vibration has always been love, joy, and bliss, and how fortunate we are to have shared it.

We are the sum and product of all of our thoughts, experiences, and actions. As for my equation, I am blessed that Lindsay played a part in it. She is written upon each one of us, and we take her with us everywhere as we move forward in this life. Love.


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