Please use this blog to remember, share and honor ALL that was the endlessly charismatic Lindsay Rawot. This Cruel Summer banner was personally designed by Lindsay as the header for one of her own blogs.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lindsay Day - Marissa Lubin

I think you would approve of a fashionably late Lindsay Day entry, right?

Lindsay day was especially exciting for me this year, since this weekend marked the 1 year countdown to my wedding (it's6/6/2015, but close enough). As I was walking to a Sushi making class (yes, that is how I spent my Sunday) with my fiance Jeff, I talked about how sad I was that he didn't get to REALLY know Lindsay better. He graduated a year ahead of us and only got to see her during a few visits our senior year (one of which being the time 6 ft tall Lindsay dressed up as a jockey for halloween, which obviously earned her a lot of street cred in Jeff's mind).  But I guess it's given me a good excuse to talk about her a little more--to try to explain that her energy was unlike anyone else you've met, how infectious her laugh was, how she had an innate way of making everyone around her feel totally comfortable, and how she found a way to make every situation a little more hilarious (things like lice were even fun with Lindsay). 

Even though it might not be in the front of my mind every day, it's amazing when I think how much Lindsay has impacted my life.  Since graduating from Duke I've been working at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center doing clinical research in Bone Marrow Transplant.  Some people think it would be a depressing field to work in, but I find it incredibly hopeful and I'm motivated by Lindsay's memory every day.  I am also in the process of getting my Master's in Clinical Nutrition and RD (registered dietitian) and I hope to continue to work in the cancer field when I finallllly finish in two years.  Outside of work and school, I'm also in an A cappella group (I swear it's not as nerdy as it sounds...ok maybe it is) and have a healthy cooking blog-  There's actually a heavy vegan emphasis on the blog now, which was something Lindsay introduced me to when she was going through her treatment. 

Today and every day I'm truly grateful for Lindsay--for her friendship and for reminding me to be grateful for all the amazing things and people in my life.  Missing you always LAR.

I know you're still being a fierce jockey somewhere. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lindsay Day - Jen Zwilling

Today was nearly as perfect as any Lindsay day could be- one spent with an assortment of family and close friends celebrating successes, showing support and unity, and simply enjoying the wonderful summer weather and each other's company. I am forever reminded of you when I celebrate as I know you have always been the best at this. It seems only fitting that Amanda, our mom and I were lucky enough to have dinner with your mom the night before my birthday this year.

As far as my update: I have been living in New York since I graduated duke two years ago and am working as a senior consultant at IBM within IBM Interactive Experience's Customer Experience Strategy team. Later this summer I will be moving to Williamsburg with a close friend into a building 2.5 blocks away from Amanda. If I stand on my roof and she stands on her balcony we can wave to each other... What more could sisters ever hope for! You should know that my soon to be roommate remains in constant competition with you for the role of number one honorary Zwilling- don't worry, your spot at number one remains (no one else has ever come so close as to be added to janeys nitey nite texts)

Next weekend is the annual LI-TSA family fun day. Just like I have every year since you came, I promise to eat a hot dog in your honor and roll it just like you taught me.

Happy birthday Linds. Love and miss you today and everyday.

** editor's (AZ) note: i will make sure that jen eats that hot dog. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lindsay Day!! Amanda Zwilling

Happy Lindsay Day!  Today was an aptly beautiful, sunny Sunday in New York, spent outside.  My family spent the morning at the National Tourette Syndrome Association 5K - Jane is very appreciative that you held off rain until tomorrow J

A few weeks ago, Jen, my mom, and I had dinner with Lindsay’s mom, Billie, while she was in New York. I am so, so grateful that Lindsay had the type of relationship with her parents and Brandon that allows me to still be in their lives today. Billie always asks what all of Lindsay’s friends are up to, and genuinely wants to know the amazing things that everyone is doing.  Thank you to all of you who took this opportunity to help fill everyone in.

I’m living in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and midway through my Ph.D in Clinical Neuropsychology (sounds a lot nerdier than it is – I promise). While I can’t credit Lindsay with my decision to go into this field, my friendship with Lindsay has impacted my experience more than I’d really realized before I sat down to write this post. I’ve always worked with kids, which would surprise no one. In fact, on my interview day at my program, one of the faculty members approached me and just stared at me point blank and said, “you’re a peds person, aren’t you?” with detectable disdain. He explained that 1, he hates working with children, and 2, that there is a visible quality common to all peds people.  And while I am still passionate about working with kids, Lindsay opened my eyes to the unique experiences of young adults. I learned so much from Lindsay’s enthusiastic approach to life, survivorship, and perseverance, and I am honored to have her as an inspiration.

More importantly, though, I learned from Lindsay how to mess up. It’s easy to draw inspiration from Lindsay’s unrelenting battle, and strive to be a warrior like she was, making sure that you make every moment count. It was even simple to learn about perspective, and understand what’s important; Lindsay taught me the true importance of family, friendship, and happiness. What took me longer to figure out, though, was that it’s okay NOT to always be flawless (to borrow Lindsay’s inspiration word, which greeted her every time she turned on her Motorola RAZR). Lindsay taught me that sometimes, it’s okay to prioritize fun, and when you feel like you’ve messed up, it usually isn’t as bad as it seems. In short, my friendship with Lindsay taught me that not everything needs to be taken super seriously, but when something does, I better realize. Lindsay taught me that sometimes, it’s the less obvious things that will end up having the biggest impact.

LAR – as everyone has said time and time again, you are immensely missed, but also immensely remembered. You continue to impact the way we each live our lives every single day. Happy, happy, birthday, tall friend.  I love you infinitely. 


Lindsay Day - Erica (Knee) Pitera

Lindsay Day will always hold a special place in my heart because 1) I will always worship the goddess that is Lindsay Rawot and 2) June 8th is now my wedding anniversary! Ryan and I are immersing ourselves in nature in the Berkshire Mountains for a little celebratory getaway, and the beauty we're surrounded by is breathtaking.
I'm finishing my pediatric dentistry residency in New York City so this mountain respite is very much appreciated. Although I whined as we hiked through buggy creeks and past snakes, I felt so lucky to be enjoying the scenery and serenity of the mountains. Lindsay loved the outdoors and adventure of any kind, and today, and everyday, I savor every ray of sunshine and gentle breeze in her honor.

As I do dental consults in the hospital for children with leukemia and lymphoma, I'm constantly reminded of the strength of the human spirit. And how freakin cute kids are, no matter what they're up against!  Lindsay was more than cute - she was glamorous, hilarious, and one of the kindest souls I've met, right up until the very end.

Today is a beautiful day to celebrate life - I love you LAR, happy birthday!!

Lindsay Day - Tillie Lopez


Happy Birthday. Miss you all the time. This year has flown by as each year does. When Amanda asked to write a quick update for everyone I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for supporting the song I released earlier this year to raise money for the LLS in remembrance of you, friend.  

About three weeks ago I was driving through my neighborhood and I saw about 10 tiny children with their parents selling lemonade and cookies for the LLS. I drove by and immediately turned around to go grab some lemonade, which by the way was so sugary and amazing. I wanted to pay forward the money earned from your song to the children since it wasn't much (because iTunes takes a large percent) but it was something. And the whole point was to remember and honor you and your strength. I am grateful my year started off emailing with your mom, Molly, Emily, and many others about releasing the song. Emily sent me some pretty stellar photos of you and it was hard to chose which one since you were so glam in all of them. You have an iTunes cover and are pretty much like Beyonce now! :)

Other than that I am back in Nashville after my year in Memphis opening up a new lululemon. I am managing the store here in Nashville and loving it. Still single so no babies or boyfriend/hubby to report. If you would be so kind as to tell the big man upstairs to send some men my way. ;) I still write and play guitar all the time but I have a lot of friends in the music business and am just no longer interested in pursuing that as my career. Music (and rapping-kappastylapi) will always be so close to my heart and I am grateful every day for the gifts we have been given. Maybe I still brag about you and your perfect ACT score and how you would be changing the world right now with that brilliant mind of yours. 

LARS, you are so well loved. Thought of. And celebrated. You have changed my life and I couldn't tell you or your family that enough. Happy birthday and to your family, I am thinking about you all. Thank you for being so kind to me over the years and inviting me into your story. 

Love always,


Happy Lindsay Day!

Two weeks ago I took my parents to visit the tree Lauren Wessel and I planted for for Lindsay, and was lucky enough to see the first leaves of the season. It was looking for sunshine and growing, but mostly just chilling by lake.

I was sad that I would not be in New Haven today to send you a picture of it, but guess what? Yesterday, my friend Jenny, who never got to meet Lindsay but runs by her tree often with me, sent me a picture:

Jenny did not know that today was Lindsay Day, but I have a feeling the tree was beaming so brightly that Jenny knew it was a special time.

I hope this post finds everyone doing well. I love the photos you posted of Lindsay's 10th birthday, Billie. How special.

Here is Lindsay with my dog on my 21st birthday. She was 1 of maybe 5 people who were willing to celebrate me on a Wednesday night. It meant the world to me. But that's the kind of person Lindsay was. She was there for you, no matter what. I miss her unconditional friendship.

I am finishing up my PhD in genetics at Yale and am in the midst of moving to San Francisco to live with my boyfriend and start a post-doc fellowship at UCSF. I think of Lindsay whenever I remember to put my research down and go have fun. "Live a little!"

xoxo, Helen Rankin

Lindsay Day

Birthdays were always special to our original party girl!    At every age there were special themes and key friends to help mark the day.  While in college they involved trips in June to the east coast (DC and NY).  In this digital age those parties are permanently recorded on Facebook and elsewhere.  And the pictures reveal a truly happy girl loving all of the attention, surrounded by many friends.  In HS the birthday parties were private affairs with friends, and I wasn’t “allowed” to record them.  I bet there are a more than a few pictures floating around among her many Chagrin friends, though.  For the earlier years, I am now getting started converting  those special occasions to electronic medium to begin to share them with you. 

Her 10th birthday of course was a milestone and celebrated with close friends from the neighborhood and school.  The party started with a scavenger hunt for candy (anything better than that?) and ended with a sleepover.  I am sure many of you are wishing for those simpler times, when all that mattered was trying to keep the giggling down to a whisper so your parents would stay out of the basement.  And of course the morning arrived (too early, for sure) to the smell of John’s pancakes and bacon!

Friends were such an important part of Lindsay’s entire life that one cannot celebrate her day without acknowledging just how special all of her friends are.  You helped make her life full, enriched, lively and bearable.  Thank you for continuing to be our friends, too.  And party on!!!

With Melissa, Ashley, Kay, Marwa, and Colleen.