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Sunday, August 28, 2011

One of my fave emails.

"Well currently i am having a massive online shopping experience picking out cookware and new utensils for john for xmas. and coincidentally brandon wants kitchen stuff too. which was fun until i realized there are like 1 million websites for this shit, and amazon sells everything!!!!! but im trying to score a deal and bed bath and beyond i have all these gift certs but their website sucks and obviously i want to see it all in person at the store because, duh hes cooking for me!!!! this is like fun/stressful because theres just too much. i know this is the dumbest problem but hey, its a problem! im also like strangely partial to rachel ray's lasagna bakeware, but the colors are SCARY. like we would love them in our kitchen, so fun--but my dad will have a heart attack seriously when i buy him orange and bright blue casserole pans for yummy squash inventions!

What to do- my head hurts from sifting through these items. Kitchens! When will we love them!?"

Missing you a lot Linds.

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