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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Storm

As I write to ya'll in this moment, I am greeted by an amazing spectacle of nature. There is a storm outside, and the world is weeping. Its tears are punctuated by hiccups of thunder, its eyes squeezed shut into tight slits of lightning. It roars and poars with an eerie disregard to the rest of the world. Storms discriminate against no one and no thing.

Many of us have found ourselves confronted by a storm. Many of us have danced with the storm, and many still have lived within the storm. It's easy to feel lost in its presence, to be afraid, to be consumed in its shadow. But we must always remember that storms end. Confusion, panic, pain, anxiety, aimlessness, everything is consumed by the rain. With the rain comes peace. The rain washes everything clean. The rain refreshes. The rain renews.

Lindsay fills my mind as I watch the rain fall. She loves the raw nature, the life all around. She takes joy in its simplest of pleasures. All sound is drowned out by the rain, except for the whispers. And even my deaf self can hear the whispers. Whispers from Lindsay, whispers from the universe, whispers from the energy all around us that we are blessed, we are not alone, and we are loved.

Enjoy your life, enjoy every single second and every breath, for tomorrow is a promise to no one. Be present at all times. Simply be. I know Lindsay does, and I know Lindsay is. Love.


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