Please use this blog to remember, share and honor ALL that was the endlessly charismatic Lindsay Rawot. This Cruel Summer banner was personally designed by Lindsay as the header for one of her own blogs.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

LAR- I made this to wear tomorrow but in true fashion, I didn't get my act together to actually iron it on my jersey. Nonetheless, I will be borrowing your long legs and all- around fierceness. Bulletproof, my giraffe.

Peace & love.

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  1. Clare! Congratulations to you and Molly! I am in total awe of both of you. I so wanted to be there with you -- I was there in heart and spirit sending positive thoughts every inch of the way and texting Amanda to get reports of your progress. You must be so, so proud! I am sure Lindsay was pushing you on and smiling her beautiful smile!

    And a yay to Amanda and Emily for running you and Molly in the last 6.2 miles....You are an amazing group!