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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Right Here and Now

I would like to lead you all down the following thought pathway. Ask yourself these questions. How many of us spend the majority of our day with our minds running? From someone or something, or to some place or some when? How many of us get lost in our own heads? How many of us are daily stricken with worry, about the future, about life, about everything?

More importantly, are these thoughts and things we dwell on in our mind -- life? Am I living my life fully if I am lost in my head? And the answer to that is no. When we are lost in our thoughts, in our worries, in our schedules, our mind is not focused or aware of the now moment. The NOW is our life, here, on this planet. The NOW is our consciousness, aware in this physical moment. If we are not in the now moment, we are not living the life that is happening RIGHT NOW.

Lindsay was a master of the now, a master of living in the moment. When we shared our lives with Lindsay, it was if time disappeared, as if it stood still. We were only ever aware of each monumentally individual moment of life, with her. And Lindsay continues to do the same now, and anchors the vibration of love and the now. We're lucky to have shared in her physicality, and lucky she is with us still, in the now.

Each moment of our time here on this Earth is so precious, and remember tomorrow is a promise to no one. Let's learn to consciously focus on living in the now, learn to live in each moment, learn to trust in the universe, and learn how to just be. Love.


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