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Friday, April 27, 2012


Sitting around trying to do my schoolwork tonight, obviously my thoughts drift to Lindsay and particularly to this conversation that we had during the summer after college.

Lindsay: i have a mind like a steel trap.
                        with a bear foot in it
4:51 PM          letting all the useful information out
                        only to be left with random snippets of variables from equations.
                        me: hahaha
                        Lindsay: this is literally how my mind works.
                        me: i like the analogy
                         or metaphor
                        total simile!
4:52 PM         english used to be my steeze
                        all this science is pushing it out wtf
                        Lindsay: itll do that.
                         it also crushes your cool. you wont feel edgy anymore
                         just sciencey
                        fact based
Just to be clear, we immediately switched our conversation to the new wardrobe that we were designing for Lindsay.  This conversation included details such as the jean to skirt to dress ratio, the utility of the day dress, and our shared propensity towards shorts.  In Lindsay's words, "our focus is quality. i want an efficient, no-duh collection thats exemplifies and refines my style."

Totally maintaining our cool.  Not making fashion sound nerdy at all.  I feel edgier just reading it.

Love and miss you today and every single day, Linds.  Infinite hugs and kisses.


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