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Friday, June 8, 2012

Allyson Sedlak

I wish I could eloquently write how much Lindsay influences me everyday but alas I am terrible with words, always have been.  Nonetheless I will try my best.  Linds influences my thoughts, my actions, my everything - every day, as I am sure she does for most of you reading this right now.  She inspires me to live my life celebrating even the smallest moments.  She is with me as I drudgingly make my way to work every morning and as I hurriedly run out of the office every evening.  She's with me celebrating every moment I am anxiously awaiting and she's patiently waiting with me to escape my most awkward of moments.  

More specifically over this past year, she has inspired me to give back to the organization that not only was with Lindsay throughout her battle with this terrible illness but also with everyone else that has or is continuing to fight.  I was in awe of you all that could complete those outrageous feats of athleticism honoring Linds but I wasn't sure that was what I was called to do.  Instead I thought I would reach out to my local Los Angeles chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and volunteer for the Light the Night Walk this past fall in Hollywood.  This is an annual walk that is held to raise funds and also awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  It was truly inspiring to see SO many people gathering to honor those that were still with us and those that we had lost.  My time spent working at this event was truly amazing and I cant wait to do it again this year.  I even ran into a classmate of ours from middle school -- small world! ( keep in mind we went to a small school outside of cleveland, ohio and I ran into him in the middle of this walk in Los Angeles.  I cant help but think Linds had something to do with this?!)  I had some pictures I wanted to post but then I lost my phone and well I thought I lost those pictures as well... But then I found one picture on my computer!! I was sooo thrilled!! Anyway I know its not the best but its all I have -- To explain the picture, everyone who donated some money and participated in the walk got to do the walk with a Red balloon tied their wrist.  This picture depicts just a small group of everyone walking but you can tell just by this small group how many balloons were in the air that night.  Truly inspiring.

We love you Linds and we miss you so much everyday.  Just know that we will never stop thinking about you and we will never grow tired of your inspiration.   

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