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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Anyone who has ever traveled with me knows that there are two things that I CANNOT travel without: tweezers and nail clippers. Due to unforeseen circumstances, despite obviously packing these two items for my family trip to Europe last week, I wound up tweezer-less and clipper-less very shortly into my trip. Obviously, an emergency text was sent to my mom, obliging her to rescue me by bringing these items (specific types, of course) when she met me in Barcelona a few days later.

As I was unpacking my shiny new orange (duh) tweezermans into my medicine cabinet tonight, I was reminded that I was not the only one with this (in)secure attachment to perfectly plucked eyebrows. On the first night that Lindsay had to stay in the hospital, she sent Emily and I to her apartment to collect some of her belongings. Naturally, this included her pillow, a very specific soft hoodie that I was instructed would be in one of the piles on her floor that "looked clean," leggings, face wash, etc, but Lindsay also demanded her tweezers. A strange request to some, but not to me. When I got back to her hospital room that night to watch the final votes come in, granting Obama the presidency, Lindsay realized that her bed tray had a little drawer in it. There are probably a number of "normal" things that one would think to put in this drawer - a pen and paper, chapstick, tissues, I don't know ... but Lindsay tucked her tweezers and a small mirror right into that drawer, to always be easily reachable. Smartest girl. You really never know when you'll have an eyebrow emergency. Seriously.

Linds, I don't know if anyone will ever get me quite like you do. Love and miss you every single day, and a little more when I'm tweezing my eyebrows or cutting my cuticles (a story for another day ...)

Infinite love baby xxxxx

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