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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hi all-
How amazing this is to see everyone's pictures. What a beautiful day.

Three years ago I made Lindsay a couple mix cds for her 23rd birthday. Suffice it to say, I listened to them much more than I think she ever did. However, I could think of nothing better to do with the last two days than to ponder music, and ponder Lindsay, and make something to share with everyone. Kudos to my tech guru, Davis, who is also my bartender at the moment. We're watching ferries and the sun is finally coming out.

Music is really tough. It's nothing if it doesn't break your heart. I went to a concert this year and cried through the entire set. I'm sure some of you know how long it can take to be able to listen to music again without combusting. There's nothing profound about this mixtape, only the intention to be happy, or sad, or feel whatever other stuff you like to feel.

So grab someone you love and dance. DEFINITELY dance!

Lindsay, we miss you and love you. You're always dancing in my head.

P.s. if you were on a certain email chain with Lindsay in the late summer of 2008, you might recognize one of these :)

Here are links to both playlists. You can download the zip files and to then enjoy all the music files + playlist file for iTunes!

Playlist 1:

*apparently "Last thing on your mind" requires permission. Here's a different file for just that song:

Playslist 2:

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  1. Clare - Thank you for sharing this beautiful music! Billie and John visited Brandon and I in Cincinnati for Lindsay's day and we listened to some of these songs. Brandon's going to make a CD of them for Billie. One of the countless things I miss about Lindsay are her badass music recommendations. Thinking of you... <3