Please use this blog to remember, share and honor ALL that was the endlessly charismatic Lindsay Rawot. This Cruel Summer banner was personally designed by Lindsay as the header for one of her own blogs.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friends of Lindsay

Dear Friends of Lindsay,
You are all wonderful! She had the best group of friends ever imaginable on the face of the earth. You all radiated her smile and energy as you surrounded all of my family during the most difficult week of our lives that we will ever know. I wanted to use the blog to thank each and every one of you for all you did to make Lindsay's life bearable these past two difficult years. I also wanted to tell you all how much we appreciated your taking time to rally around us and each other last week. Your being here was such a wonderful tribute to Lindsay and meant so much to us. As a mother you certainly know your children well, but only from a certain vantage point. Through all of you I got to know my daughter even more deeply, and am prouder of her than I was before. She picked her friends well!
Much love.

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