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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Tree for Lindsay

Lindsay was the kind of person who says, “yes.” Yes to life, to love, to possible successes, to possible failures, to adventure, to it all. It seems silly, but one of my favorite memories of Lindsay is the night I named a rubber snake “Deuce” and started carrying it around in my purse. Lindsay was there the moment I started doing this, and instead of highlighting the freakish, bizarre nature of my behavior, she fully embraced it, kissed Deuce, and said, “YES.”

Today Lauren Wessel and I planted this Chinese Maple in Lindsay’s honor in New Haven, CT.

We found the perfect spot in East Rock Park by water, trees, and a nearby mountain. Lindsay would have loved it. Wessel brought photos of Lindsay, we giggled, and selected an awesome picture of Lindsay at one with nature to put on the tree.

Wessel even accessorized Lindsay’s tree with earrings she often borrowed, because even trees need to follow lesson #10. This tree may grow to be even taller than our tallest Lindsay, but it can never approach her vivacity. I only hope others will pass by, admire its beauty, and gain some inspiration.

I'll be checking in on Lindsay's tree quite regularly, and if anyone is ever in the area and would like me to take you to this spot, you know I will say, “yes.”

Sending so much love,

Helen & Deuce

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