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Monday, March 14, 2011

More on Lesson #15

The summer after our graduation, somehow the stars aligned and Emily, Lindsay and I found ourselves traveling throughout Europe. On one of our first days in Vienna, we spent hours wandering the gardens of Schonbrunn Palace.  To kick off our travels, Lindsay, the motivator for all activities that trip, never pausing except to tell Emily and I to get over our jet lag, read in her infamous and hysterical voice about the history of the Hapsburgs as we lay in her lap on a bench in the gardens.  Lindsay insisted that we climb the daunting 60 meters up hill to the top of the garden where the Gloriette stood.  After finally getting there, we first had to caffeinate Emily with an expresso shot, where we then stood to take in this beautiful view of the colorful red and yellow floral gardens under a perfect blue, cloudy sky with the yellow palace bright below.  This memory and image now permanently rests in my mind as a moment of bliss and heaven that Lindsay inspired us to see. 

While there, we came to the topic of the meaning of success in life.  I remember we agreed that success can only truly be realized after showing the strength and courage to overcome a challenge, to truly test oneself and prevail. Lindsay said that was how she looked at her battle with cancer, that it made her who she was, and proved she had more strength and fortitude, in my opinion, than anyone else.  A few months later, Lindsay read the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and found the quote which Emily read in Lesson 15. She, per Lesson #13, highlighted it and showed it to us the next time we saw her since she thought it so captured our sentiments that day. 

In sharing, I wanted to point out that Lindsay was ahead of most of us on realizing these sort of lessons; in philosophy, spirit and action.  

Here are pics from that day.  XO

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