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Saturday, June 8, 2013

happy birthday linds.

on days like today, I miss you a little more than usual. let's be honest, I miss you every single day. my life is not the same without you in it. on days like today, it helps to think back on all the happy times...

the beginning- 6th grade blossom. you and I went on a blossom double date with Ben I and Damon B. somehow we were talked into kissing a frog for a prize. this would mark the first of many new things we would try together. the rest is history- many more blossoms, parties at your house, an arrest, LAX seasons, football games, high school dances, college visits, a european adventure, canadian road trips, NYEs, xmas gift exchanges, concerts... there isn't much we didn't do together. as we begin to celebrate the first bitch marriage, its hard not to feel like something or more appropriately, someone is missing. I can only imagine what kind of antics you would come up with for the bachelorette party. I'll try to incorporate a "Lindsay idea" in the festivities. I hope you approve.

this is another one of my favorites- another adventure together, our first rave concert. of course, you took charge of the outfits and accessories. only you knew what would be appropriate, as you did for many occasions. I still find myself picking out things you would love- like an awesome necklace or a bright accessory. I think about you when I wear heels; if Lindsay could do it, I can do it. like Em said at the funeral, you taught us all so much; I hope we are making you proud.

one more for good measure. I am so thankful for having you in my life for as long as I did, but I still miss you every single day. not sure how they celebrate birthdays up there, but I am sure yours will be one to remember. LYMY always.


p.s. give Papa a hug for me!
p.p.s. I hope Rascal and Chip are friends up there!

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