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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lindsay Day - Tillie Lopez


Happy Birthday. Miss you all the time. This year has flown by as each year does. When Amanda asked to write a quick update for everyone I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for supporting the song I released earlier this year to raise money for the LLS in remembrance of you, friend.  

About three weeks ago I was driving through my neighborhood and I saw about 10 tiny children with their parents selling lemonade and cookies for the LLS. I drove by and immediately turned around to go grab some lemonade, which by the way was so sugary and amazing. I wanted to pay forward the money earned from your song to the children since it wasn't much (because iTunes takes a large percent) but it was something. And the whole point was to remember and honor you and your strength. I am grateful my year started off emailing with your mom, Molly, Emily, and many others about releasing the song. Emily sent me some pretty stellar photos of you and it was hard to chose which one since you were so glam in all of them. You have an iTunes cover and are pretty much like Beyonce now! :)

Other than that I am back in Nashville after my year in Memphis opening up a new lululemon. I am managing the store here in Nashville and loving it. Still single so no babies or boyfriend/hubby to report. If you would be so kind as to tell the big man upstairs to send some men my way. ;) I still write and play guitar all the time but I have a lot of friends in the music business and am just no longer interested in pursuing that as my career. Music (and rapping-kappastylapi) will always be so close to my heart and I am grateful every day for the gifts we have been given. Maybe I still brag about you and your perfect ACT score and how you would be changing the world right now with that brilliant mind of yours. 

LARS, you are so well loved. Thought of. And celebrated. You have changed my life and I couldn't tell you or your family that enough. Happy birthday and to your family, I am thinking about you all. Thank you for being so kind to me over the years and inviting me into your story. 

Love always,


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