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Monday, June 9, 2014

Lindsay Day - Jen Zwilling

Today was nearly as perfect as any Lindsay day could be- one spent with an assortment of family and close friends celebrating successes, showing support and unity, and simply enjoying the wonderful summer weather and each other's company. I am forever reminded of you when I celebrate as I know you have always been the best at this. It seems only fitting that Amanda, our mom and I were lucky enough to have dinner with your mom the night before my birthday this year.

As far as my update: I have been living in New York since I graduated duke two years ago and am working as a senior consultant at IBM within IBM Interactive Experience's Customer Experience Strategy team. Later this summer I will be moving to Williamsburg with a close friend into a building 2.5 blocks away from Amanda. If I stand on my roof and she stands on her balcony we can wave to each other... What more could sisters ever hope for! You should know that my soon to be roommate remains in constant competition with you for the role of number one honorary Zwilling- don't worry, your spot at number one remains (no one else has ever come so close as to be added to janeys nitey nite texts)

Next weekend is the annual LI-TSA family fun day. Just like I have every year since you came, I promise to eat a hot dog in your honor and roll it just like you taught me.

Happy birthday Linds. Love and miss you today and everyday.

** editor's (AZ) note: i will make sure that jen eats that hot dog. 

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