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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lindsay Day

Birthdays were always special to our original party girl!    At every age there were special themes and key friends to help mark the day.  While in college they involved trips in June to the east coast (DC and NY).  In this digital age those parties are permanently recorded on Facebook and elsewhere.  And the pictures reveal a truly happy girl loving all of the attention, surrounded by many friends.  In HS the birthday parties were private affairs with friends, and I wasn’t “allowed” to record them.  I bet there are a more than a few pictures floating around among her many Chagrin friends, though.  For the earlier years, I am now getting started converting  those special occasions to electronic medium to begin to share them with you. 

Her 10th birthday of course was a milestone and celebrated with close friends from the neighborhood and school.  The party started with a scavenger hunt for candy (anything better than that?) and ended with a sleepover.  I am sure many of you are wishing for those simpler times, when all that mattered was trying to keep the giggling down to a whisper so your parents would stay out of the basement.  And of course the morning arrived (too early, for sure) to the smell of John’s pancakes and bacon!

Friends were such an important part of Lindsay’s entire life that one cannot celebrate her day without acknowledging just how special all of her friends are.  You helped make her life full, enriched, lively and bearable.  Thank you for continuing to be our friends, too.  And party on!!!

With Melissa, Ashley, Kay, Marwa, and Colleen.

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