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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lindsay Day - Marissa Lubin

I think you would approve of a fashionably late Lindsay Day entry, right?

Lindsay day was especially exciting for me this year, since this weekend marked the 1 year countdown to my wedding (it's6/6/2015, but close enough). As I was walking to a Sushi making class (yes, that is how I spent my Sunday) with my fiance Jeff, I talked about how sad I was that he didn't get to REALLY know Lindsay better. He graduated a year ahead of us and only got to see her during a few visits our senior year (one of which being the time 6 ft tall Lindsay dressed up as a jockey for halloween, which obviously earned her a lot of street cred in Jeff's mind).  But I guess it's given me a good excuse to talk about her a little more--to try to explain that her energy was unlike anyone else you've met, how infectious her laugh was, how she had an innate way of making everyone around her feel totally comfortable, and how she found a way to make every situation a little more hilarious (things like lice were even fun with Lindsay). 

Even though it might not be in the front of my mind every day, it's amazing when I think how much Lindsay has impacted my life.  Since graduating from Duke I've been working at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center doing clinical research in Bone Marrow Transplant.  Some people think it would be a depressing field to work in, but I find it incredibly hopeful and I'm motivated by Lindsay's memory every day.  I am also in the process of getting my Master's in Clinical Nutrition and RD (registered dietitian) and I hope to continue to work in the cancer field when I finallllly finish in two years.  Outside of work and school, I'm also in an A cappella group (I swear it's not as nerdy as it sounds...ok maybe it is) and have a healthy cooking blog-  There's actually a heavy vegan emphasis on the blog now, which was something Lindsay introduced me to when she was going through her treatment. 

Today and every day I'm truly grateful for Lindsay--for her friendship and for reminding me to be grateful for all the amazing things and people in my life.  Missing you always LAR.

I know you're still being a fierce jockey somewhere. 

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