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Friday, June 8, 2012

Alicia Burrello

Over the last year the thoughts and memory of Lindsay have influenced my outlook on life in such a positive way. To enjoy everything and everyone around you, and to fully embrace and conquer those things that lie ahead. She is constantly on my mind, and although I still question the why, I embrace her courage and positive outlook on all things.

I most recently went through my box or boxes of everything that I had saved growing up. And as I went through pictures and articles, most predominately volleyball related, I thought back to how we were always mentioned together, she was my go to in volleyball and lacrosse and a friend that I so dearly respected for her humility and disregard for all things negative.

Pop culture related... as soon as the Maroon Five song, Pay Phone, was released, Lindsay was the first person I thought of :) And my recycling is at an all time high.

Think of you on the daily, love you.

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