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Friday, June 8, 2012

Brooke Thomas

Almost exactly a year ago (June 2011), I made a donation to a friend (Kathryn Hampton - also a former resident of Chagrin Falls) for her participation in Pelotonia - a grassroots bike tour that's one goal is to end cancer. Kathryn's mom passed away from a long battle with breast cancer. Through Pelotonia, Kathryn raised $20,000 total for cancer research and rode 102 miles. She wrote Brandon and I a letter afterwards just to let us know that a few of those miles were for Lindsay. She also wrote that she still keeps her Be The Match donor identification card in her wallet, with the hope that someday she can help someone fighting the awful disease.

Last year, we took a short backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains and Brandon came way too close to getting bit by a rattlesnake. In fact, we're not quite sure why the snake didn't bite him since we scared it and it jumped up, coming only a couple inches from Brandon's arm. Shortly after the encounter, a man and woman came by, both on horseback, and asked us if we were okay (apparently, we were both pretty obviously scared shitless). Later that night, when we were setting up at camp, I asked Brandon what I should have done if he would have been bit and we both came to the conclusion that the horses would have played a role in carrying him to safety.

For our backpacking trip this summer, we are going to Yosemite. I know this is one of many places that Brandon and Lindsay traveled to when they were younger with John and Billie. I always enjoy the stories about the Rawot vacations - each one is epic. I love that Lindsay continued this passion for traveling when she got older and I'm inspired by her love of adventure.

A couple months ago, I was offered a job to coach junior high volleyball and I wasn't sure if I wanted to accept it. After much thinking and discussing with Brandon, I decided to take it on. Lindsay has inspired me to try new things and pack life full of adventures. Not to mention, I think she would totally "dig" the fact that I'll be coaching volleyball, or at least attempting to.

So, in order to be certified to coach, I had to take a training and CPR course. When I got home Brandon told me that when Lindsay was really little she would pretend to do CPR on her stuffed animals, she would push on them and say "UPS" (wrong initials, right idea). There is nothing I love more than when Brandon tells me stories about Lindsay - mostly because it's from the perspective of the most loving brother in the world.

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