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Friday, June 8, 2012


Raw dialogue. Not originally meant to be a play on words, but really hits me as a striking coincidence! Rawologue even. One of Lindsay's greatest legacies lies in what I have deemed something ever present- an ability to be in touch with a stream of consciousness, an inner discourse. It is your friend!  It makes "nothing" moments into "SOMETHING"! It makes "EVERYTHING" instances into nothing at all. It is a life perspective, a way to narrate your own humour into every situation. To find comedy, signs of a greater life, plan or meaning in some of the most trivial or frustrating situations. Or simply just a framework to think about events, non-events, and all things in between.
What might I be talking about? Lindsay has left us all with many "tangible" leave behinds of this "intangible" lesson. I find myself referring the most to her blog "Hospilarity Ensues." I could read and re-read her Rawalogue over and over again…her analysis on hospital gowns, interactions with fellow patients, suspicions of others internal dialogue, and descriptions of painful procedures. I laugh! I always do. Not just because she infuses humour into every experience, but also because she demonstrates the way her brain worked. Paragraphs about details, happenings or moments that might whiz past the rest of us. Also demonstrated in almost all conversations, emails or tweets.
I have found myself making strides to channel this stream of consciousness…find that entertainment, cosmic value, and a Kelly induced perspective in all things that happen to me. My bus broke down? I am wearing two different shoes to work?  F*CK THIS? Perhaps. But, perhaps in addition to internally screaming obscenities, these are little things that I can laugh about or learn from. It's not all fun and games…life certainly doesn’t always hand us good material. But we all damn well get used to engaging and listening to our raw dialogue, Lindsay style, if we have any hope of making the most of it! 

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