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Friday, June 8, 2012

Molly Magnuson

Lindsay inspires me to reach. Reach, I suppose, can mean many different things for many different people. For me it meant 20.2 miles longer than my usual 6 mile reach, at best.

Lindsay inspired me to take this risk- because what fun is it to stay ordinary and  content if you’re not pushing yourself for something more meaningful and fulfilling?  It’s not the actual tangible success at the end that matters so much, it’s the act of getting there.  People quickly forget that the ride is just as important as the destination. The drive, the reach, the journey, is both the telling and testing part, and wherein lies the true test of whether you are a moral, happy and selfless person (something I’m “reaching” to be).

The character she displayed and upheld throughout her battle is a testament to her genuine, fierce and selfless nature, and I can only hope that exists somewhere within me. Lindsay never did the nice thing because it was the “right” thing, she did the nice thing because it was the nice thing to do. She inspires me to instill this mentality into everything I do, professionally and personally. Be nice. Be kind. Be real.

I feel a bit at a crossroads with my life at the moment. Your typical quarter life crisis, if you will (this is me being dramatic, something Lindsay always pointed out….i hope lovingly?! J) Luckily, Lindsay reminds me I am one damned lucky girl to be at a crossroad, and whichever way I go, as long as I keep reaching, ill be just fine.

Happy Birthday, Linds :)

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