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Friday, June 8, 2012

Davis Mersereau

For the most part, I've always been a social person. Meeting Lindsay, I recognized we shared this characteristic. Creating a friendship was easy and keeping one was never hard.

As I grow older, I experience the flipside - how easy it can be for friends from the past to gradually become past friendships. Remembered when reminded, but not a present prescence. How hard it sometimes seems to not just keep friends close, but just to keep them at all.

Sure, we have email, and Facebook helps too, but these things are only tools, they are not bonds, nor do they really keep us bound.

As mentioned, I recognized in my first encounter with Lindsay that we shared a bond - certain qualities that we both valued and admired. People who knew Lindsay will likely all sing to the same tune of her socialibilty. Naturally so, she became the bond between whole groups of friends and also individuals who then became friends.

And she remains that bond. I see and feel Lindsay's prescence everytime I encounter friends who I know we both shared or whom I know through her.

I keep close with her memory through these friends, and as friends, we all remain closer through our memory of her.

I would be infinitely thankful were Lindsay still here to share new experiences with us all today. However so, I remain fortunate in knowing that the bonds and friendships she created in her life carry on, and I feel blessed by the impact they continue to have.

So, I may not be certain of the future of the relationships I have now with other friends, but I certainly do know that Lindsay's is definitley not just one of the past.

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