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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Clare Eberle

It is not hyperbole to say that Lindsay might have been the greatest friend the world has seen. The size of the girl's heart amazes me endlessly. I think I would sum it up as this: she made new friends everywhere she went, but still managed to treat the old ones like gold.  She was constantly raving about an awesome person she had just met in class, or at the bar, or at her hair salon. I'll never forget when Lindsay and I were just getting to know each other- I was so flattered, and surprised, that she wanted to go out to dinner, just the two of us. She gave me a Christmas gift before I knew we were on a gift-giving basis. She invited me to hang out with her cool older friends on West Campus. Which reminds me, in fact, that Lindsay might have been the cause of at least one missed flight from RDU. But later in our friendship, she didn't hesitate to pick me up, totally defeated, from another failed flight attempt, and take me out for milk shakes (I do believe I owe Lindsay quite a bit of ice cream). She treated everyone- especially her friends, but truly everyone- like they were extremely important, and this example was her greatest gift to me. Lindsay inspires me daily to be a better friend, and even, if you can believe it, a better stranger. I'm not quite there, but I'm working on it feverishly. It is my ultimate, utmost goal to deliver to my loved ones the degree of gratitude, generosity and dedication that Lindsay extended to everyone around her.

She also inspires me to grab life by the horns, to seize the day and do something good with it. This spring, I decided on a total career about- face, to leave something familiar for a new path and new, very scary city. There were some precarious moments, to say the least, and there will be many more; but my admiration of Lindsay— and some if our shared interests— had inspired my new plans to begin with and when push came to shove, I very vividly heard her voice in my ear: Clare, I think you should go. I think it'll be awesome. That was her ethos: There's an adventure to be had- and gosh darn, it'll be had. Every time I think of Lindsay, her hunger for living fully and gleefully reminds me to get out there and drink the world in.

Lindsay, I want you to know what an amazing 25th birthday you had here on earth. We at 4029 rediscovered the childhood bliss of the 2-wheeled vehicle, and the accompanying freedom. We saw a city that you loved, and we had like a million ebullient toasts. We wore some damn sparkly outfits. So there, girlfriend. Cheers to you.

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