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Friday, June 8, 2012

Taylor Field

Lindsay inspired me to stop biting my nails. This may seem like total small potatoes compared to running 26.2 miles or climbing a mountain or defeating a dragon. But when you hooked on nail-biting, running a marathon seems easier than stopping to find that perfect little snag to chew on. I'd tried to stop before, but I would last a day or so and then was back at it. It was gross. 

When I was in Chagrin in March - seeing her family and friends and talking about her poise and strength and humor and glow - I started to think about changes I could make to myself to be a better me. Is stopping biting your nails superficial? Maybe. But it had been something I had been trying to do for a long time and never could get the will up to actually do it. Sitting on the plane on the way home, I decided it was time. If Linds could be strong enough to go through everything she did, how pathetic was I that I couldn't even stop chewing on my hands for more than 2 days? And so I stopped. And since that day I have yet to once bite my nails. Ever. And when I get the urge to pick at them, I think about Lindsay and how she would probably say something like "TayFi stop it!" and swat me. So I don't. 

Next mission - marathon running. 

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