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Friday, June 8, 2012

Tillie Lopez

I was just thinking about how last Blossom I was leaving Billie's after lunch and was driving back to Nashville with Johnny, feeling so regretful for not having been able to attend Lindsay's funeral. Being with her family that day and seeing her room and her things just laid so heavy on my heart.  Honestly it was through the things you and Molly did that healed me so much. Visiting you guys in DC and attending your fund raiser, what a blast. I loved getting to know you more. I feel more grateful now than regretful.  

For starters I joined an adult volleyball league the spring after Lindsay passed. Every game LAR was written on my wrist. And in my typical fashion, I wore eyeliner to every game. Which Lindsay loved to make fun of me for back in the day. Always applying my makeup before the games. :)

Molly's journey to running the full marathon for Lindsay and the LLS was such an inspiration. It was through that that the LLS foundation took on a new meaning to me. Last year my uncle had a 50th birthday party roast in NY. Since I didn't live there, I made a video to send him. WHoever roasted him best won a 1000 dollars towards their favorite charity. I do a pretty sweet New York accent so I of course I won :) Without a doubt I knew it had to go towards Molly's marathon fundraising. Molly quickly met goal but didn't stop there. Decided to go the extra step. Because she knew that's what Lindsay would of wanted, would of done for her. Love that about Molls.

That fall I decided to run my first 1/2 marathon. There was a race in Nashville benefiting the LLS foundation and I took it as a sign. I was healthy and able, and I was going to run that race. I knew every breath, every stride I took was a gift and if Lindsay was still here, she wouldn't take it for granted. I ran that race for her. I attached a picture of what I write on my arms every time I run. Lindsay was an athlete. We were cheerleaders and volleyball buddies and now in spirit she is my running partner.
The blog I wrote the day before I ran it. Talks about you and Molls running her last 6 miles and her inspiration in me running.

I guess lastly, one of the best ways I heal is through song writing. The song I wrote for her is about her struggling but always keeping positive.

I'd trade any of this in a heartbeat for one more day with Linds but I see God's goodness in all this. Her life was an inspiration and still lives on in each of us. 

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