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Friday, June 8, 2012

David Roesing

We've been doing this thing at the house we call Upfront Night, which is basically a series of lectures that our friends give on topics they're passionate or interested about. Every time we do it the invite list is a huge headache because you basically have to go through all your friends and remember if they've come, or if they'd be interested, or if they're going to be annoyed at being invited to this thing they have no interest in. Every time I do it, I click Lindsay's name and then un-click it because, obviously, she can't attend. But that drive to teach yourself things, to be smart, searching and nerdy, while keeping your dignity, your coolness, your sense of fun and play, those are qualities I associate with Lindsay. Her spirit will always remain as long as we all strive to have events she would want to come to.

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