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Friday, June 8, 2012

Leah Grimm

Where to begin with how Linds still is alive and well in all of our everyday lives - I'm sure I'm not alone in saying something new reminds me of her every single day! Sometimes it's a memory, sometimes it's a story you want to share in a conversation about "my best friend who...", and sometimes it's just noticing something that you know she would appreciate as much as, and probably more than, you do.  So, here's to knowing that these times will continue to surprise us and bring a massive smile (or even a tear) to our faces as we remember and cherish those irreplaceable memories.

One of my favorite reminders that she's still with me every day is the sign of her on my work bag.  One (of many) of her fabulous accessories that I was lucky to receive was this silk scarf.  And as the one who is usually more cautious about adding that extra piece of flare to my look, I was at a loss of when/how I could possibly wear this!  Thankfully, in a flash of Lindsay brilliance, I realized it would go nicely with this bag - so it's been tied (extremely securely) there ever since.  I never imagined how much happiness this little piece of her that I carry with me would bring me every day! 

Who knows what the next thing that reminds me of her will be - but I can't wait :)

LYMY forever Linds-welcome to your mid-twenties :)

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