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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alicia Burello

"Lindsay was my hitter and I her setter from about the 8th grade on until we graduated as seniors and led the team together. Even managed to be stars, or at least we were hoping so, on our Junior Olympic volleyball teams together where we traveled for the part of the high school off season. Although, I will say there were many mornings when we dreaded waking up and going to play for the whole day after the party that we had been to the night before. Lindsay and I, as well as the rest of the team, conquered. Volleyball was a big part of my life throughout my Chagrin years and as I was recently cleaning out and organizing all my memories and flipping through all of the cut outs that I had saved, Lindsay was always a highlight. As I went through the newspaper clipping they always managed to catch a glimpse of Lindsay and I together, or I in the background backing her up. We were always highlighted for the number of kills in the newspaper after games, but you would never find one of us without the other - we just wouldn't have a good game if the other one was off; we relied on each other. Most probably would say, that I was more of the motherly type, while Lindsay was the cool big sister when it came to the way that we led the team. That combination managed to help us have several winning seasons one of which beating Perry to win the CVC. Our relationship though went far beyond the court or the Lacrosse field; Lindsay was an amazing friend to all and a piece of her will stay with us always."

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