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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jen Schwartz

"When Ryan and Lindsay were juniors at Duke I was coming down to Durham for my 5 year reunion. I was super excited to share the weekend with Ryan so that my friends and I could experience college through the eyes of my younger brother. What better way to re-live our glory years than doing it with my sibling who was still lucky enough to be living them? I was bummed to find out that Ryan had a frisbee tournament that weekend and would be out of town the whole time I was there. But without me even asking, Lindsay took on the role enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. She picked us up from the airport, brought us to a frat party, met us out at the bars and brought us back to her and Emily's apartment for late night food and drinks at the Belmont. We even re-hashed the whole evening the next day over brunch at Foster's. I couldn't have asked for a more authentic and fun Duke weekend to help us old alums recapture our memories than through the lens of Lindsay and her amazing friends. And by the end of the weekend I realized that I in fact had gotten to spend that special time with a younger sibling after all. And even more amazingly, with someone I'd never had in my life before - a sister. From that day on, I counted her as such. And always will.

Happy, happy birthday, Linds! We miss you!"

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