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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mary Rubino, Duke

The first real memory I have of Lindsay is the sound of her voice screaming “HEYYYYYY!!!!” through the walls of Edens 2C. Anyone who lived with us that year will remember this, since it became the standard greeting for all arrivals on the second floor, and to me it serves as a constant reminder of the energy and excitement that she has and will continue to impart to everyone who was lucky enough to know her. From her real-time Jezebel updates on baby giraffes, Prince Harry, Congressional sorority houses and “Catalog Fantasies: The Life Your Life Could Be Like”, to her somewhat shocking ability to get me to play a variety of board games (including one somewhat competitive game of Mall Madness and a Twister session that ended with me on the ground in the fetal position and her standing over me yelling “LEFT FOOT GREEN. NOW”), Linds has always been able to bring a smile to an oftentimes “surly” face. Her head was always overflowing with ideas, some serious, like working as a civil engineer, and some not so serious, like trying to get us to go to the Medieval Times because “it’s like Vegas with dragons.” Some of my best and silliest memories of college are of times with her, and occasionally the pair shown below, and I feel incredibly lucky to have known and loved her. Happy birthday Linds! Miss you, love you, and thinking of you always.

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