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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leah Grimm

One of my favorite ways to remember Linds is by going through my email archives, reading through every single email chain I have with her. Emails from Linds were always an adventure and 100% guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and be amazed all at the same time, every time. My favorite emails from her though were the ones that were completely random but perfectly exemplified her ability to find the best/most amazing attribute about absolutely anything or anyone - and in turn, you'd find a new appreciation for the same. I always admired this about her. Here is one of my favorites - enjoy :)

Subject: octopus are so cool!!

they are almost as smart as humans! they have a bigger brain than any other marine animal and a more extensive nervous system than any other marine invertebrate! and they can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter no matter what size they are! because they have no bones. also, octopus in the marine labs aquarium had to be covered and retsrained in their tanks by using astroturf because they kept crawling out at night, crawling on the ground, up into the tank next to theirs, grabbing fish/crabs, and then crawling back into their own tank and feeding. The tanks were latched and bar locked and they still got out!!! by undoing the locks themsleves!!!


they also camoflauge better than the american army... watch this video...


p.s. obviously im bored shitless studying....

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