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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drew Hoffman

"I remember the first time I met Lindsay. It was August 2004. My friends had told me she was very smart and very pretty. I met her and after talking with her for a few minutes it was clear she was exceptional. In so many ways. She had a quite charisma that made me feel at easy, almost a disarming presence while still maintaining an air of mystery. It was nearly indescribable.She's nearly indescribable.

Lindsay was the last person friend I saw before I left for college. This was particularly significant for me because, to be perfectly honest, I was a little scared to go to school and to have to make new friends - all on my own. I had been at the same school since I was 5 years old and had never, as weird as it sounds, remembered or knew how to actively make new friends with people - as new kids came it was almost as if they were making friends with me. I don't know if Lindsay could sense my unease, or if she just genuinely cared, likely it was both, but she made sure she saw me off. I'll never forget it.

Lindsay had this amazing mannerism where when she was considering something innocently mischievous she would pause, bite her lower lip, and every so slightly lower her eyes before raising them again.

Lindsay stayed with me for her visit to Duke accepted students' day in the spring of 2005. I'm sure Lindsay was able to keep her self busy while I was in class with the accepted students events - I think she may have even come to a class or two. I gave her the obligatory student tour, introduced her to my friends, took her out - we had a lot of fun. It's the weirdest thing, though, because the lingering memory I had of the weekend was that we didn't get to spend enough time together.

I remember the first time I saw Lindsay on campus as a student. It was the day she moved in. I came over to her and Emily's ridiculous room in Jarvis. Ridiculous because it was enormous with fantastic natural light and some how they were all moved in within three hours of setting foot on campus. It blew my mind. We made plans to meet up later that night. She came over to a party with some of my friends, who I hadn't seen in three months. I'd seen Lindsay throughout the summer, but amazingly she was the person I most wanted to see at the party. Being around her was just so much fun. And that began Lindsay at Duke.

Lindsay went to my semi-formal with me at the beginning of the spring semester her freshman year. She wore a long, silky, yellow dress. She had a glow about her.

I would regularly see Lindsay and Menchel surveying the engineering quad. I always found that amusing.

My last memory of Lindsay at Duke was during finals week of my senior year. We ran into each other in the Bryan Center and just started chatting. She always took a sincere interest in my life. Always had a witty veiled compliment. Cool without the pretension and genuinely sweet - so rare.

The last time I saw Lindsay was when she came to visit Emily in DC. She was so happy and so much fun. People just wanted to be around her."

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