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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grace Moy

"One of my favorite memories of Lindsay is from senior year of college when we all visited Leah at Bucknell for House Party weekend. On the last night, Leah began crying and couldn’t stop. Courtney, Linds and I tried our best to comfort her, but hugs, sarcastic comments, not even Dominoes pizza helped. After a while, out of fear that Leah was getting dehydrated, Lindsay made a last desperate effort to stop her tears. As we all sat on Leah’s bedroom floor, Lindsay suddenly leapt up and started dancing around the room. She ripped off her wig and began twirling it over her head. Without any music to dance to, Lindsay made up her own song that went something like this, “Dah da dah da dahhh da dah da dah dahhhhh”. She didn’t stop until we all (including Leah) were rolling around the floor laughing. Lindsay had the magic touch – her impromptu song and dance immediately cheered Leah up. That’s the kind of friend Lindsay was. She’d do whatever it took to make you smile."

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