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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marissa Lubin, Duke

Lindsay always, without fail, could make me smile (without actually trying, of course). And I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one she had this effect on. So at my desk, working hard this afternoon as usual (aka, perusing old emails from Linds), I wasn’t too surprised that I was soon laughing out loud/getting dirty stares from coworkers actually doing their job. Here are a few jems I had to share…

Lindsay, on going green: “I’ve gone off the deep end with Durham involvement and am starting to live green…yesterday at whole foods I hit two all-time new highs: instead of letting them bag it, I just asked the woman to put it all back in the cart, and then i just filled my car up with a bunch of loose groceries. This was great until I got to my apartment and realized 1) my shit was everywhere around the back seat and 2)I had to make like 5 trips up and down just to carry it all.”

Lindsay, on spending the summer at duke…and strip clubs: “alright, so on the flip side durhole has been decent. i hung out a lot with davis and ruffin...and on sunday for davis' bday they convinced me to go to a strip club with them....i think i agreed only because I havent been in a limo in like 4 years… i dont remember much of it other than a stripper thought she knew me and then everyone in the place assumed i was lying and was secretly a stripper. great. “

Lindsay, on her own hair styles: “On this day I dyed my hair blonde. Its short and I look like a little german boy but, hey, i guess thats closer than looking like a 14 yr old hipster with a pale face and bangs.”

Other personal favorites:

- Lindsay as the tallest jockey of all times…Halloween, 2008. That horse stick never stood a chance.

- No words necessary...this picture just makes me so happy and reminds me of my favorite weekend with Linds (sorry Anne, had to do it). Beach week 2009 cannot be topped.

- Any picture of Lindsay with Zwill. Lindsay loved all matter how small.

- A pregame in Lindsay's room sophmore year in which we decided we'd surely look skinnier going out if we did squats right then and there. Totally effective.

Happy Birthday, Linds. Miss you everyday, but at the same time am so grateful to have been able to learn from the very best how to live life to the fullest. Love you.

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