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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Casey Huser, Duke

"Although fond memories of Lindsay abound, one particular night back in the Fall of '08 reminds me all the time of what a thoughtful and caring friend Lindsay was. I was prepping for an Abercrombie & Fitch interview the next day (in retrospect, thank God I didn't get that job, I'm not nearly fashion savvy enough for it) and I turned to Lindsay for help. First off, Lindsay's fashion sense was extensive, but her particular employment at A&F in high school led me to turn to her for advice. The task was seemingly simple - from 8 men's and women's t-shirt designs pick the ones that you think are the best for the A&F Brand. I was staring at each t-shirt design, each more numbingly fratty than the one prior, and couldn't decide on any reasoning for picking one over the other. I was sitting on Lindsay & Em's monstrous (and delightful) couch pondering my t-shirt pickings when Lindsay asked what I was looking at as she wanted a break from her far more arduous engineering homework. When I informed her of my quandary, she eagerly jumped in and starting pointing out why some shirts were more "Abercrombie" than others and how I could rationalize my t-shirt choices. However, the light bulb did not really go off until she pointed out that Abercrombie likes two things: 1) layering and 2) flagrant ABERCROMBIE & FITCH spread across young chests. Lindsay then came up with the genius idea that I should rationalize my t-shirt choices by choosing the ones with A&F or Abercrombie plastered directly in the middle of the top of the chest so that when layered under a button down of some kind the Brand name would still shine through. She had truly hit the nail on the head. When I went into my interview the next day, I think this is the only part that I actually passed. My interviewer commended my t-shirt choices and my rationale, however I floundered so much through the rest of the interview that I ensured I would never get a call back. To this day, however, I'm fairly certain my interviewer stole Lindsay's idea and probably passed it on to her superiors as it was so genius. I wonder if she ever finished that engineering homework…"

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