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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Erica Knee, Duke

Every single time I open a fashion magazine I think of Lindsay. Not just because of her impeccable style, but I have a very specific memory from sophomore year that involved us sprawled out on her bed, hungover, paging through fashion magazines, and trying to piece together what exactly we had done the night before. I specifically remember making the comment, "God I hate how these magazines have soo many ads" and Lindsay replying "But that's my favorite part!". Clearly my taste for high fashion hadn't fully evolved, and I didn't realize that the glamorous ads that predominate the pages of Vogue and Elle were just as important as the written pieces in between. This was probably due to the fact that I couldn't come close to affording anything pictured in those ads, but I've come to appreciate them more now (even though I obviously still can't afford it!) I think this day was around the time Lindsay had purchased her Chloe bag -- a gorgeous orange leather bag that I still drool over in my mind. I remember how proud she was that she bought it herself, and it was a true symbol of her hard work and fabulous taste. Whenever I see a Chloe bag, either in one of those magazines or in person, I think of her. I always admired Lindsay's sense of fashion and beautiful clothes and accessories, whether they were from the racks of Forever 21 or off the pages of Vogue, and I hope that one day I can come close to emulating such a degree of class.

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