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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clare Eberle

This is one of my favorite pictures that I have of Lindsay. It’s a weird one, I know; no eyes or smile- but hair, and those legs. I also love it because it brings me back to what just might have been the best day of the best summer, ever.

Lindsay was in New York for the weekend. It was Sunday, and we had spent the night before at a huge, gaudy New York club, where we had danced until the place was literally empty. We were tired and hungover, but feeling a bit like we were on top of the world.

I met Lindsay this day at a pizza parlor for breakfast. In fact, I had a final paper due the next day that I hadn’t started (and wouldn’t until 10pm that night) but at the coaxing of Lindsay, I pushed it way out of my head. We were there to enjoy the day and the city together, and we would.

It also happened to be NY’s Gay Pride Parade, an epic, debaucherous, sweating and glittering dance party in the streets. This was our destination. After our pizza breakfast and some efforts toward hydration, we lazily headed toward the labyrinth of the West Village, where we joined Jen Schwartz and friends in a tiny apartment overlooking the parade route. We sat on a windowsill and drank beers and shouted at dapper passersby.

When the parade passed down the block, we ran downstairs to see the spandex and musculature up close. Lindsay, Ryan and I stood in a crowd of downtown’s finest, a wild and carefree zone. Lindsay gave me a piggy back ride so I could see. We soaked it all in.

Eventually, the day got late and I boarded the subway home, but the lazy glory and unadulterated fun of the day bouyed me as I wrote a paper through the night and has stayed with me ever since. The moral of the story is this: Never pass up your best friend, beers, and a day of possibility- no matter what.

Hanging out with Lindsay always felt to me like hanging out with a much cooler big sister. This was not because she acted like a grown-up. Neither of us did, together. It was because I admired so many things in her and because she, more than anyone I have known, showed me the qualities that I imagine a sister would. A rare sister who will drop everything to have a lot of fun with you.

When I picture Lindsay now, she is turning around from the front seat of her car, rubbing my knee excitedly, and saying “Clare! You’re HERE!!” in a high voice and with an exaggerated grin, like she always used to. I love remembering Lindsay this way. It makes me feel a little of that magic that everyone here has felt around Lindsay: that we all have something special, and she knows where to find it.

Love you forever and always, Linds. I know you will find the glitter wherever you are.

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