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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Victoria Harwell

"I haven't been home for Blossom in a couple of years, but reflecting upon that last visit Lindsay immediately pops into my memory. As blurry and crazy as the weekend was I distinctly recall my time with her. Lindsay and I were locked arm in arm skipping down Washington St. She was asking me questions in the most chipper fashion, "so how's life?! how's school?! how have you been?! whats up?!" I remember thinking how infectious Lindsay's consistent positivity was and therefore how super fun she was to be around.

If we go even further back, one day while at varsity lacrosse practice, Lindsay announced her latest beauty secret, that if you cross your legs at the ankles rather than at the knees, you prevent varicose veins.

It was the little things and the little smiles that remain at the forefront of my mind today and for those simple moments I will forever be grateful to have known Lindsay. She was a true gem. "

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