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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Courtney Montello

The Broken Beer Mug

"Even in her short 23 years, Lindsay was fortunate enough to travel to many places around the world, more places than the average person could hope to see in a lifetime. She loved to travel, and always back stories of her epic adventures and souvenirs for the friends she left behind. I was lucky enough to accompany her on several journeys from Senior Spring Break in Punta Cana, a road trip to Dartmouth to visit Grace, my first NYC trip, and a short European adventure. Following her semester in Australia, Lindsay traveled to Europe to visit her many friends studying abroad across the continent (of course she was not content to s

tay in Cleveland after months down under). I was studying abroad in London, and I met up with her in Prague one chilly December weekend. We spent the weekend wandering aimlessly around the city we repeatedly called “very Eastern euro,” eating, drinking, shopping, and freezing our asses off.

On Saturday night, we ventured out to experience the Prague nightlife. A friend of hers recommended an infamous beer house where each table had its own beer tap! We had never seen such an amazing invention. And it only got better. There was a massive scoreboard keeping track of how many beers each table had drank. Thus, being the competitive Americans that we are, we had to win. With the help of some young male friends, we successfully climbed to the top of the leader board. We were beyond excited. We took pictures in front of the scoreboard to prove our amazingness, but that would not be enough for me. I wanted a trophy for this victory, so as we were leaving, I nabbed my glass beer mug and snuck it under my coat. As soon as we safely exited the bar, I dropped my trophy on the brick sidewalk and watched in horror as my trophy shattered in a million pieces. I was distraught, but the weekend was still an overall success.

Two years later, Lindsay found herself back in Prague on another European adventure. Remembering our epic victory and my sadness at the loss of my trophy, Lindsay returned to the bar and successfully brought me back a beer mug. Lindsay and I traveled many places together, but the Prague trip was definitely one the most memorable and unique experiences of my life."

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