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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jordan Preiss, Duke

"I met Lindsay 1105 days ago today…. at a Birthday party. It’s not very often that you remember the exact moment someone came into your life, but she’s the kind of girl who leaves quite an impression. Maybe it was the fact that we were wearing matching outfits (or more likely the fact that Linds was the most open and inviting person on the planet), but for some reason that night we went from complete strangers to amazing friends. In the back of a limo on the way to Raleigh, a trio was formed—Lindsay, Hannah, and I—and for the rest of that summer, we were virtually inseparable. We had fun. We played. We put off responsibilities until the summer heat faded. Of course, we all remained friends long after it was over, but for me the essence of our friendship always comes back to that summer, and that night. I think about you every day Linds, and I owe you a Birthday drink when I see you on the flipside. <3"

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