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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Allie Hollister

"Never have I seen a person transition into the social life of Chagrin Falls school systems as easily Lindsay Rawot or Molly Magnuson. 6th grade - in they arrive to a pretty insular town during a time of our lives where every kid seems to be hyper aware of his or her personal social standing and the risk that hanging with the new and unknown girl might have upon it. Despite these unfavorable odds, each of these girls won my own and many others' affection over in a hot minute and became two of the most popular girls in the grade. To focus on Lindsay, her ease in laughing, intelligence and overall coolness were not to be ignored. I so quickly gained a deep trust in her and would want her for advice and consolation in the of-so-trying times of junior high. Looking back, I think she offered myself advice far more than she ever seemed to need it from me. And SHE was the new girl! What's with that?

I think Lindsay and an outstanding perspective on life bred into her somehow. She didn't allow small things to get her down for very long ever. And I recall in high school her leading a lunchroom discussion exploring what qualities are best to leading a happy life. Any sport we played together, for her, seemed to be primarily about having fun with her girls over - as it should be - but I often had to be around fun people like Linds to keep that perspective clear. Living fully was her priority and she did it all the time - with her friends, family, boyfriends, teachers and I'm sure many more that I do not directly know about. She dismissed the conjured-up lines surrounding high school cliques and joyously shared laughs with all of us who seemed to stay to our own safer areas of hanging with our closest friends. Blossom Queen '09? Not a surprise. We all admire her life perspective as well as her way of reaching out to everyone and letting us know that we are each important to her, in our own way. Plainly, she was captivating and, now, a role model of mine in any given day."

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