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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Josh Diamond

"The summer after my sophomore year at Duke I went to Australia for a study abroad program with Lindsay. Because we were still in Australia in October, we had to figure out how to celebrate Halloween in a country that did not have any formal Halloween celebrations. There would be no mass trick o' treating, no costumes, or any of the costumes we were use to from the states. There were several of us from Duke, so we decided to band together and have a Halloween party, even if it meant we would be out of place in the city.

We all bought and/or made costumes and got together at night to bring a little american tradition and celebration down under. Most of us had gathered at my apartment, but we were still waiting on Lindsay and her roommate to show up. No one had any idea what her costume would be. There was a knock on my door, i opened it up, and was greeted by one of the most incredible sights..Lindsay dressed as the tin man (see attached photo). It is one of the best costumes I have ever seen, she brought a sense of class, beauty, and her as always extra-large personality to the tin man. With all of us assembled we were ready to walk to my friend's house to continue our celebrations.

So the 8-10 of us left my apartment and began walking down the main street in Brisbane in order to get to my friend's house. Naturally we got several odd stares from the Australians, who were unsure what this pack of costumed kids were doing on a Wednesday night. It was only a 5-7 block walk, but by the time we got to the house Lindsay had managed to recruit 2 random Australian kids our age to come join the celebrations. I will never forget how easily she convinced these strangers to join our motley costumed crew to go to a random party. I do not think anyone else could so easily sway strangers to join in this sort of enterprise. But Lindsay was so personable that I doubt there was ever a second the Australians doubted their decision to join us. Whether it was this Halloween night, or any other time during our four years together at Duke, I never ceased to be amazed by Lindsay's bright happy demeanor, and ability to bring a smile to anyone's face, no matter what sort of day they were having. I know that everyone who was lucky enough to be friends with her will never forget her, and I will always cherish these memories I have of her."

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