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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tom Brady, Duke

It’s a weird to try and find the words to describe how much you like someone, how much you’ll miss them, when all my wonderful experiences with her began just the opposite – Hoping she would like me.

Yes, fine, I was at Devine’s. Yes, it was a Tuesday night. And yes, I came upon the long-legged, beautiful soul we’ve all come to know as Lindsay Rawot. On that chilly weekday night in Durham, I was kind of just hoping Lindsay would shoot a single glance my way, let alone talk to me. A passing smile would have done just fine. But what I left with that night was a friend for life.

And while I regret that had to happen at of all places Devine’s (kind of takes the magic out of it, doesn’t it?), I walked away with a vibrant, enthusiastic confidant who I could talk to anything or nothing about. And for me, it was those nothing parts, those nothing talks – the ones where you don’t remember what the hell was so funny but remember just how hard you were laughing – that will stick with me forever.

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