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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christopher Prandoni

The first time I bonded with my girl Linds was, unsurprisingly, the first time I met her, December of '05. I found myself in alone in a car with her, ah it was to pick up Julian, and we were bumping Steve Wonder's "For once in my life." Instant connection. That song, and really all Stevie, reminds me of her--how lucky am I!

The only thing better than your "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" acting job was kicking it with Linds that weekend...did we leave your dorm? After that incredibly fun and stupid 24 hours of consuming flavored vodka (gag) I remember being jealous of you. I wasn't enjoying college that much, hadn't found a cool group of people yet, and here you've stumbled upon one of the coolest girls I'd ever met.

Love you and bump this one for me today, I've listened to it a dozen times already:

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