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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Taylor Field, Duke

When I was abroad, Lindsay was in Australia and finished her program earlier than all the Eurotrippers. Always one for adventure, Linds planned a grand tour of Europe, hopping around visiting friends and seeing the sights. I was lucky enough to have her swing through London. She was, of course, after Australia, tanned and blonde and full of life and excitement and wanted to wander all over the city. We ventured to the mystical "Curry Road" and feasted on Thai food instead because we got overwhelmed by the curry joints. She convinced me to go see Avenue Q, despite my skepticism, and of course, it was hilarious. How could I have doubted her taste? Fall in London is slightly dreary, but Lindsay was raring to go, despite her intercontinental travel. She was always someone who made me want to explore, have fun, and try new things, and the only person who could have gotten me to go to a profane puppet musical. There will never be anyone else like her <3

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