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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kyle Sullivan

"New Years Celebration 2006:

Scene: The whole high school crew was meeting up for the first time after heading off to college in the fall. Since nobody was 21 we didn't have a mass gathering for everybody on Thanksgiving break or the beginning of winter break. New Years is our first chance for everybody to share stories together and talk about how college is the best thing that has ever happened. Lea and her parents are nice enough to host us all for a party. Everybody meets up with their close circle of friends before going over. Now that we're all in college of course we have to organize a beer pong tournament. We elect to make it a boy-girl tourney. Lindsay and I are drawn as partners. Champagne, liquor and beer are in abundance well before the tournament begins. Lindsay and I are drawn the last game of the first round. Come game time she is nowhere to be found. Turns out she is having too much fun sipping champagne and swapping stories that playing a menial game of beer pong is not on the agenda. She had way too many topics to cover; the endless parties, college boys, fashion, her awesome roommate, all her friends at duke, and of course not having parents around for the first time. This and much more had to be discussed with everybody there so I elected to find a replacement for my little beer pong game. Overall the night was just filled with excited young "adults," keen on verifying with each other that we weren't dreaming and we had actually spent the last several months in a fantasy land they call college. Here we could do whatever we wanted (for the most part). Lindsay wanted to cover every single detail of that experience with everybody at the party.... needless to say she succeeded."

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