Please use this blog to remember, share and honor ALL that was the endlessly charismatic Lindsay Rawot. This Cruel Summer banner was personally designed by Lindsay as the header for one of her own blogs.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jenna Berris

Dear Lindsay- Yesterday my mom and I were walking our dogs around the block---our block. I thought of you, your 24th birthday, and the many adventures had on Quartermane Circle. Remember that summer we re-discovered bikes? We dug our old mountain bikes out of our garages, checked the tires and breaks, cleared away the cobwebs and rode around that circle again and again. You would have thought that we had just mastered the art of riding sans training wheels. There we were, two teenagers, only a few years away from driving cars, riding bikes with the enthusiasm of a couple of five-year olds. We rode almost every day that summer. What discipline we had! Thank you for helping me curb boredom during lazy summer days…whether it came in the form of swinging on hammocks, exploring what little wooded area we behind our houses or, of course, riding bikes until we tired. You will always be the girl, the playmate, the friend who lives across the street. And, Linds, not a day goes by that I don’t look out my window and think of you.

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