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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dave Furfaro, Duke

"I spent a long time thinking about what memory I wanted to share of Lindsay, and I started writing this half a dozen times and stopped. There are plenty of hilarious stories that would make for an entertaining read starring Lindsay as the vibrant and caring friend she perpetually was, but in telling each of these I kept running up against the same issue: the stories were trying to hide the fact that Lindsay eventually got sick. Lindsay would want to be remembered for who she was, what she did and the relationships she forged, and not for her disease, but none of that is lost in talking about the time when she was sick. Lindsay did not become defined by her illness, rather her illness highlighted her spectacular nature because her personality was able to shine through and draw everyone's attention away from the impossibly large elephant in the room.

One afternoon during senior year I went over to Lindsay's apartment to hang out with her. She had been plowing through movies and TV shows at an alarming rate so we decided not to watch anything, and talk instead. At some point Lindsay mentioned the weight she had been losing and how she wanted to bulk up .... and the adventure was on. We plugged in the blender, raided the cabinets and fridge and started preparing a milk shake fit for a queen. This wasn't an afternoon keeping someone company while they were recovering, but just a hilarious, random activity with a spontaneous, fun-loving friend that ended in deliciousness and brain-freeze."

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