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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trevor Foskett, Duke

When asked what sort of things can solidify a friendship, I doubt many people would cite movie theater popcorn smothered in powdered white cheddar. Yet whenever I think of Lindsay, it always come to mind. And that's one of the things I love most about her - the way she could infuse so much joy and excitement into something so simple as overeating at the movies.

After graduating, none of us really wanted to leave Durham (after all, what a beautiful city!). As our friends had to take off one by one, the activities available to us began to dwindle. Eventually we got to the point where Lindsay, Emily, and I were going to see multiple movies per week. And that's when we discovered that the theater had all sorts of new toppings that you could put on your popcorn. We instantly fell in love with the white cheddar. We didn't even really want to see the movies that badly; it was the cheddar that kept us coming back for more.

But there was a problem. When putting the cheese on, it would really only penetrate the first inch or so of the popcorn, leaving the rest of the extra large tub utterly cheeseless. So we devised a solution: we began bringing extra large zip lock bags into the theater, into which we would dump the popcorn and cheese to achieve maximum flavor.

So there we were, the three of us in the front row, me in the middle (Lindsay: oh, so you just want to look really cool sitting between two girls? Me: ...yes... but thanks for calling me out...), sipping firefly out of an extremely small flask and commenting on Ryan Reynolds' muscles. (I didn't participate in that last part...).

For me, that experience was what Lindsay was all about: having the maximum fun possible in any situation, awkwardly calling people out (but never judging), and men with muscly arms.

Love you and miss you Linds.

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